Top 5 Motivational Quotes

Top Motivational Quotes
Motivational Quotes

Below are top five motivational quotes by Jawad Abid, who’s Passionate about Improving lives with spreading Positivity and Motivation.

Follow your passion Quote from
Follow your passion Quote

There can be more than one Passion in your lives.
You cannot achieve all either, but you would not want to Regret at the end of your career, by not following either one.
Knowing that you could do one thing, you were so Passionate about
.” – Jawad Abid

Motivation Quote
Never Give UP quote by Jawad Abid

That Struggle and Difficulty You are in today, are Painful and Unbearable. But, they are Developing the Strength You need, and Supremacy for Tomorrow.” – Jawad Abid

Keep Moving Ahead Quote

Sometimes You have to Keep Moving in the Right Direction with Persistence and Patience to get to Your Goal without Quitting or Changing Your Path.” -Jawad Abid

Positive Mind Successful Life Quote

When you fill your mind with positive and good thoughts, you start becoming successful in Life, as your mind starts becoming more powerful too.” -Jawad Abid

Never Give Up and Trust your struggle
Never Give Up and Trust your struggle Quote

It’s Okay to Struggle and Feel Pain Today. But it’s Never Okay to Give Up on Yourself or your Dreams.
You must Always Trust your struggle that will definitely reward you to New Heights, if Not today, then Tomorrow!”
– Jawad Abid

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No Dedication No Success

Dedication is like Climbing Mountain with Skill and Hard Work. Image Credits: Pixabay

Quite often dedication is taken as mere extra Amount of work, and longer time spent which is not the accurate understanding.

It is Commitment or Assurance to extreme extent to Task or Job at workplace with All that you have. Whether through your skills, discipline at work, flexibility, Hard work and taking head-on to challenges.

In whatever we do, reality is that Obstacles do come, and setbacks happen. However, if you have Dedication towards your Job, you will not lose hope. Neither, you will disappoint easily. You will pick yourself up and keep at it with your dedication.

“Dedication adds to your Positivity towards your Goal to Success”.

Positive Mind – Successful Life

Consistent Dedication is one of the Major contributors towards having Successful life along with others. It is second most factor after Passion which I wrote in my blog Why your passion matters the most

This is an important trait to characterize in the workplace in particular.

How to achieve dedication at workplace

Dedication is not just quantity of work without any goals or objectives or planning.

How I achieve dedication is to constantly Learn based on below ideas and discipline, every time I am given a difficult task. However, it does vary from case to case, but it covers most of the ideas.

  • Firstly, you will require is to analyze yourself on what is your best and weakest skill.
  • Secondly, you must Define your goals to achieve.
  • Third, you try to improve those skills which are needed to achieve your Goals.
  • In addition, you must add Discipline in your work attitude.
  • Further, Add Flexibility in your work ethics, even at home or at public places.
  • Additionally, Always Accept Challenges for difficult and complicated tasks.
  • Never leave Tasks Un-due or Incomplete, even if your manager or superior doesn’t ask for it.
  • Above all, remain focused on goals, as there could be many distractions at work.
  • Never let yourself be part of any Gossip, as you could utilize that time to enhance your skills.
Dedication bring Discipline - Quote
Dedication bring Discipline – Quote

Why dedication is important

Dedication plays a very important role for great achievements. For instance, climbing a mountain or hiking at a difficult trek is perfect example.
Above all, at the end of achievement, that feeling of being successful is unmatched and inexpressible.

  • Dedication allow you to become dependable among many around you.
  • You can be given all the important tasks which helps improve your importance at workplace.
  • Your flexibility allows the organization to evolve with best in the business and become competitive.
  • Promotions are given to those who achieve their goals in the most challenging times.
  • It allows you to outshine in many team members in the team hired for the same job.
  • Employers or Managers always require dedication in their team.

Real Life Example on Dedication

I was assigned most complicated project to lead and I had lack of certain skills. However, I learned those skills during my after hours and in the meantime, kept attempting to gain more knowledge. I compared project plans, documentation and designs for past similar projects. Subsequently, it came up with challenges and difficult times, but I didn’t let it go.

I struggled, picked myself up and kept moving on until I achieved my Goal. Above all, I was tested with patience and distractions, which I didn’t let them change my Goal.

I didn’t care about how much time it is taking me to learn and enhance my skillset by challenging myself.

Similarly, during implementation phase of the project, we didn’t care how long it will take us to finish it. In addition, the project was to execute in same day starting from mid-night. I stayed there for about straight 22 hours. However, we were able to finish our implementation flawlessly.

Dedication is like Climbing a mountain with all your Skill, Hard work and Persistence. When you reach to Peak after all the obstacles. That feeling of achievement tells, how your dedication help reach your goal.

Jawad Abid

Conclusion / Career Advice

In conclusion, my advice is to remain dedicated to every fellow professional. Be it fresh graduates or Beginners in their career, you must consider dedication to your profession. In whatever you do, have passion and dedication in it. Bear in mind that without having dedication, you will not be able to succeed. All these leaders you follow out there, has gone through initial struggle, hard-work and dedication in their lives to reach to a certain point.

Always remember that To put up dedication, you require to Sacrifice your time and energies. It does come down to whether you chose to make efforts or be distracted in casual activities.

Read my quote on Life Does Depend on what You Pick

However, if my thoughts resonate with yours, then please don’t hesitate to share them or Share this Blog for others to gain.


Jawad Abid is multi-talented Business, Technology and Customer Service Professional, with two decades of Experience. He worked with Large Telecoms, Banks & Outsource Service Providers, Startups and Fortune 500 companies in multiple Roles. He’s passionate about Gaining Knowledge on Technologies, How Technologies enable Businesses & Improve Lives, and Sharing Knowledge in the attempt of giving back to Community.

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Pakistan Hockey must regain Lost Glory

Pakistan Hockey Team Celebrations
Pakistan Hockey Team Celebrating

In recent past, Pakistan’s Hockey as it stands today in July 2020, is below their own standards.

For those of you who do not know, the glorious days of Pakistan Hockey, must read this.

Hockey History

Pakistan has been playing Hockey and been member of International hockey federation since 1948.

Hockey, which is known as Field Hockey was first started in 1800s and first hockey club was formed in 1861.

After introduction of Ice Hockey in Canada, and later in US, it became formally known as Field Hockey.

Pakistan Hockey Interesting Facts

Some very interesting facts about Pakistan Hockey are:

  • Pakistan has the Record most World cup titles in Hockey which are Four, in 1971, 1978, 1982 and 1994. Therefore, making them the Greatest Team of all times.
  • In addition, they won Champions Trophy three times in 1978, 1980 and 1994.
  • Pakistan has won the Record most Asian Games title which are Eight times.
  • Similarly, they won Three Gold medals at Summer Olympics.
  • In addition, Pakistan has the best overall performance in World Cup history in both proportional and absolute terms. They have with 53 victories in 84 matches played, seven time draws, six appearances in the finals and only 24 losses.
  • The Hockey World Cup was first conceived by Pakistan’s Air Marshal Nur Khan. He proposed his idea to the FIH through Patrick Rowley, the first editor of World Hockey magazine. Therefore, FIH decided that the inaugural World Cup would be held in October 1971, in Pakistan.

Reference for Most Hockey World Cup Titles can be found on Men FIH Hockey World cup at Wikipedia.

Recap of World Cup Title wins:

  • Pakistan won on 24 October 1971 in Spain, Barcelona with 1-0 against Spain.
  • They  won in April 1978 in Argentina, Buenos Aires against Netherlands with 3-2 in Penalty shoot-out.
  • Pakistan won 3rd World cup title in Bombay, India on 12th January, 1982. Winning against West Germany by 3-1 Goals in penalty shoot outs.
  • Pakistan won 4th World Cup title on 4th December in Sydney, Australia in 1994. Winning in penalty shoot outs 4-3 against Netherlands.

Fans Corner

It is time that Pakistan Hockey must regain its strength through Mighty Blow in 2023 World Cup.

Pakistan Hockey Player Displaying Passion
Pakistan Hockey Player Displaying Passion

In 80s and 90s, people used to Glue themselves like they do for Cricket. They wonder what happened to our Glory days and Passion for Hockey. There are all sorts of questions at the moment and concerns from Fans.

In addition, Fans want to watch Pakistan Hockey back in the Top 3 with same Passion and Professionalism.

Above all, they still remember Pakistan Countless Hockey Heros.

However, Pakistan Hockey needs to Plan better for the next World cup in 2023. In conclusion, share your thoughts and suggestions below.

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Author: Jawad Abid is multi-talented Business, Technology and Customer Service Professional with two decades of Experience with Large Telecoms, Banks & Outsource Service Providers, Startups and Fortune 500 companies in multiple Roles. He’s passionate about Gaining Knowledge on Technologies, How Technologies enable Businesses to Improve Lives, Sports Geek and Sharing Knowledge in the attempt of giving back to Community. He volunteered to write about Pakistan Hockey in the hope to promote Pakistan Hockey in Pakistan.

Which Apple iPhone to buy – Best iPhone Comparison

Best iPhone 11 Comparison

If you are a regular user of iPhone or Android smartphone, and looking for best iPhone for your needs, then this blog is perfect for you. It helps you understand basic features and right iPhone11 model as per your need. It provides most common core features and comparisons. Above all, these features are for you to review in one screen to understand what you are getting into to plan ahead.

However, please note that all the features, models and prices mentioned in it are subject to date / time and Apple’s policy.

iPhone Features Comparison

There are three models as of July 2020 available on Apple published as sell-able models. These are iPhone11 Pro, iPhone11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2nd generation).

Best iPhone comparison Analysis

All the above features and pricing is taken from Apple website at the time of Posting.
However, they may change and Apple has complete rights on the information as per their policies.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Some of your known questions about iPhone models are listed below with brief answers. for instance:

Question: Which iPhone to buy?
Answer: It all depends on your preferences. Is it for professional use, or for listening music, video streaming or casual use? However, for overall best features and economically, it’s iPhone 11 standard.

Question: Which iPhone is better for professional use or for office use?
Answer: iPhone Pro is best for professional use. It is Easy to carry, with All the features and with good battery up time.

Question: Which iPhone is better for music and videos or reading?
Answer: iPhone Pro Max is best option for multimedia usage, extensive music or video streaming. For instance, they are helpful in reading and Blogs, eBooks and articles reading with much bigger screen size and battery time.

Question: Which iPhone is more economical?
Answer: In iPhone 11 series, most economical is iPhone 11 standard model. It has most of the latest features with better price.

If you require anymore feature to consider in future, please let us know.

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Author: Jawad Abid is multi-talented Business, Technology and Customer Service Professional with two decades of Experience with Large Telecoms, Banks & Outsource Service Providers, Startups and Fortune 500 companies in multiple Roles. He’s passionate about Gaining Knowledge on Technologies, How Technologies enable Businesses to Improve Lives, and Sharing Knowledge in the attempt of giving back to Community.

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Why your Passion Matters The Most

Passion is the Key for successful life –

Many in life wants to be successful but ends up without inner peace and happiness. There are couple of elements that one must ensure, in order to be successful or outshine in your career.

Why Passion Matters the Most

I am going to talk about why Passion Matters the most in Success Life. One of those contributing factors is “Passion”.

“Having a passion on what you do or want to do is very important to be successful in life.”

I knew about my passion when I first learned about Computers in high school. I knew this is what I’d like to do. In quest of knowing it more, I learned about it in my free times. If in your current career you dislike what you are doing, then you need to do what you wanted to do first.

If you really like Computer programming and you are working in Real estate as Sales. Then it’s likely that you’d Not be able to Outshine in Sales or real estate. As much as you could being a Computer programmer.

How to find your passion

It is by knowing yourself, and what you wanted to do.

If you are uncertain of your passion, try to learn about them. To see if you really want to do it and you really feel great in doing it. Sometimes you want to do something, you hesitate. Neither you know enough about it. When you try and learn them, then you realize that this is really great.

It’s extremely important for you to research about things you like to do. Even when any opportunity knocks your door, then try learning about them first. If you like what you are doing or being asked to do, then that’s what matters.

There can be more than one passion in your life. You cannot achieve all of those, but you’d not want to end your career with regret. Knowing that you could do one thing, you were so passionate about.

What happens without passion

You often complain about your day or work or certain business you are in. Bad days can happen to anyone but if it happens almost every other day. It may happen every week or month. Chances are its most probably due to lack of passion on what you are doing.

Thoughts that usually come into mind are that Why I don’t get the 100% results. Why others get promotion and Why I’m not getting to my dream spot at work. This frustration further distracts you from doing what you really want to do. Instead of spending time learning skills to outshine your career, you end up wasting your time in frustrations.

There’s a known case in which one gets good job offer during their career. Which may offer more Salary and Benefits than what they are taking right now, but in different field. It could be far from their Interest or Liking. In your new role, you will probably like doing work initially. But may end up regretting since you didn’t like it wholeheartedly.

“Your passion has to be there in what you do.”

At that time, right step is to Stick to your current job, considering this is what you are passionate about, instead of changing or switching fields for one-time opportunity for money. If you accept that offer, what you will lose in this case, is your Career path. I know many people who didn’t leave their current Job because the offer wasn’t about the job they would want to do.

What happens when you are working with passion

At work, even your managers notice you on many Qualities such as:

  • How Determined this person is at work.
  • This person always volunteers up for Challenges.
  • How Open is to the change.
  • How Well is at Proactive communication
  • He is always Creative.

All these qualities, and many more, are from a person who’s passionate about their work.

Quotes about Passion

“Passion makes you work on yourself and your work can be seen by others.”

I didn’t know about my passion until I Learned about computers in my high school, which started from learning Course on Windows 3.1, Turbo basic, Lotus 123 and DOS, in nineties, which allowed me to follow my Passion and now this has taken me to where I wanted myself to be.

“There’s always a difference of productivity between a person with passion, compared to the person working without the passion.”

If your current job is without a passion, then more chances are that you may not succeed in the same field.

 “Passion is an inner force that automatically enables you to use your attention, skill and hard work exceptionally as compared to ordinary efforts.”

You can check my Quote about Passion is an Inner Force by clicking here.

If you think Passion is necessary from scale 1 to 5 (1 being the topmost requirement and 5 being bottom) for successful life, then please share your feedback.

Further if my thoughts resonate with yours, then please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

About Author:

Jawad Abid is multi-talented Business, Technology and Customer Service Professional with two decades of Experience with Large Telecoms, Banks & Outsource Service Providers, Startups and Fortune 500 companies in multiple Roles. He’s passionate about Gaining Knowledge on Technologies, How Technologies enable Businesses & Improve Lives, and Sharing Knowledge in the attempt of giving back to Community.

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Trip to Hidden Paradise – Hunza Valley

To recap, I mentioned in my previous Blog Trip to Hidden Paradise via Naran that we divided our trip into two short trips. First was to travel from Lahore, Punjab to Naran, KPK. Second one was from Naran, KPK towards Hunza Valley, GB.

Trip to Hunza Valley from BabuSar Top

This is the continuation of my Trip to Hunza Valley from BabuSar Top onwards. For about 45 Minutes, you’ll finally reach to a level where steep descend will be low enough. But you will keep going on the Winding road further.

Entering Gilgit Baltistan

One thing you will notice as you Enter in Gilgit Baltistan area after Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the color of mountains change.

After driving through for an hour and half on N15, we joined Karakoram Highway N35 along with Indus River.

Right at that point, Chilas is at your left side. And on your right, it’s your further trip down towards Hunza Valley.

Nanga Parbat Peak

While we were on N35, we witnessed Marvellous and Beautiful Peak Nanga Parbat. It is at 8126 meters high, and 8th highest peak in the world.

On N35 after about 1 hour and 15 minutes, you will reach to a point called Raikot Bridge. It is Gateway point to Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat over Indus River. You will notice lot of Jeeps and a Resort which I will not recommend you to stay. At even for lunch or dinner, due to their worst customer service and hotel services.

Indus Gilgit Confluence

After travelling through further 35 to 45 minutes, we reached at The most Historic point at Jaglot. It is called Indus-Gilgit Confluence. It’s where The three Mightiest Mountain Ranges of the Himalaya, Karakoram, and Hindu Kush come together in Pakistan at the Confluence of the Two Rivers, namely Indus River and the Gilgit River

After further 45 minutes or 50 Kms worth of travel , we reached at Gilgit. It is Capital of Gilgit Baltistan Province of Pakistan, but we didn’t stay there. Gilgit was on our right side and we kept going further straight on N35.

Rakaposhi Peak

After 1 hour and 30 minutes, we reached at Rakaposhi View point. From this point, we could clearly see Mesmerising Rakaposhi Peak. It is 7,788 meters high which makes it 27th highest peak in the world. Its known as Mother of Mist as well.

Hunza Valley

Further onward, there’s only 1 hour left to our Hotel destination Hunza View Hotel (HVH). It is situated in Karimabad. It’s one of the old Hunza Valley Hotels, with a history. As soon as you enter the hotel, you’ll soon realize that you have entered at a Tourist spot. It’s a 3-star hotel at a very prime location. From it you could view Peak of mountains from your Balcony.

We were so tired that we all slept after having early dinner, and woke up early in the morning. We were greeted by the beautiful Hunza Valley mountains.

Altit Fort and Baltit Fort

We had a plan to visit Altit Fort and Baltit Fort, hence we reached to Baltit Fort first. Altit Fort is about 1100 years old whereas Baltit Fort is about 900 years old Fort. In earlier days the area was built between different states with different rules and they had many wars among them too.

At Baltit Fort, we were shown multiple sections of it. There were two chambers, one on roof top with all of kings advisors used to sit for meetings. The other place is where queen used to sit and resolve women issues there.

Hunza has Literacy rate of more than 77% and famous for Apricots and Cherries.

After visiting Baltit Fort we had delicious Cherries from Morning Glory Restaurant which is famous for Apricot and Cherry Juices.

Tip: One thing you must remember that these Forts are built on mountains, so when you go up on Baltit Fort, it’s a steep hight and lots of stairs. If you’re not physically strong, then you may not be able to reach Baltit Fort. There are few Jeeps available for Older, sick or children to take them up there.

Duikar Mountain Peak

Our next destination was to stay at Eagle nest Hotel which is on Duikar mountain peak. It is about 25 min to 35 minutes drive upwards from Karimabad with 8 to 10 very steep turns.

Once you get there, its a whole new world you can see from the peak with mesmerising and splendid Valley views.

Best thing about Eagle Nest is it’s View. we could see Lady finger peak on our one side, Golden peak on the opposite side, Rakaposhi Peak at the north and Ultar peak at the south.

Golden Peak

There are couple of shops around eagle nest from which you can buy local made goods. We witnessed during Sunrise Golden Peak with Gold colour on it.

After our stay at Eagle Nest Hotel, our next destination was Atabad Lake.

Karakoram Highway Tunnel

We traveled through Karimabad, and crossed Karakoram Highway Tunnels going through multiple mountains, which were built after Atabad lake blocked the Karakoram Highway Road.

Karakoram Highway tunnels are a symbol of Pakistan China Friendship which helped not only transportation but many Locals who had to cross through Boats. Now you travel the entire long lake distance through Karakoram Highway Tunnels which are about 5 of them spread across 24 km (15 mi) from multiple mountains.

Tip: Please note that Google Maps will not show you Tunnels, so don’t worry about it and follow signs towards Atabad and Passu.

Atabad Lake

We reached at Beautiful Atabad lake after travelling from Karimabad for about 30 to 45 minutes. It comes at your left side of it and it made me stop my car to take a picture, as I have never seen any lake like this before due to it’s natural parrot blueish green colour of it.

Atabad lake is long lake which got formed due to major land sliding on Hunza river. Once you’re out of tunnel, there’s a spot at Shishkat for water sports which is on Atabad lake, that includes boating, Fishing and Jet skies.

Passu Cones

On our way through towards Hunza Valley, we could see Beautiful Passu Cones.

On our way, we saw Hussaini bridge, which is a very old hanging bridge, connects  made on top of Hunza river which connects Zarabad Hamlet to Hussaini Village. We crossed by it and saw mesmerising Passu Peaks right in front of us.

Borith Lake

There’s a road on Left, if coming towards Passu from Atabad which leads towards Borith Lake.

Tip: The road is very thin with steep turns of approximately 10 minutes. If you’re not an expert in driving on dangerous tracks, then you can call Borith Lake Resort to have their Driver, drive your car or in their Jeep up towards the Lake.

Once we reached at Borith Lake Resort, it was A Heaven in Heavens. We stayed at Borith lake hotel and resort for further three nights. Our rooms front view was a lake view surrounded by mighty and beautiful Ultar Peak and Shispare Peak.

In our surroundings we could see Passu cons on our right, and slightly on its further right there’s Gulmit peak with Gulmit Glacier and Ghulkin glaciers.

Borith Lake resort is very beautiful, clean, with fresh water. The colour of lake is so pure, that after enjoying Atabad lake, it was another master piece. Resort management was very friendly and their quality of food was amazing.

Khunjrab Pass

Khunjrab pass from this lake is around 110 km which can be covered in 3 to 4 hours approximately to it one way.

Khunjerab Pass is a high mountain pass in the Karakoram Mountains, in a strategic position on the northern border of Pakistan.
It is the highest-paved international border crossing in the world and the highest point on the Karakoram Highway.

Gilgit Baltistan Wild life

Locals told us that they do see Snow leopards at the other side of Borith lake rarely, and as Wild Life Rules became stronger there, they now see increase in snow leopards. Along with it local community also promotes preservation of Wild life there. They have seen last year about 250 to 300 IBEX (Mountains Goats) which is an increased number from past couple of years.

We stayed in Hunza for a week which ended too soon for us. I personally never wanted to leave such beautiful paradise and I’d love to come back here. The next morning we left at 5 am from Borith Lake, and continued our journey to Naran the same way we came from Lahore.

Tip: It is recommended to leave BabuSar Peak maximum by 2 pm as there’s 4 hours distance from BabuSar Peak to Naran KPK. 

Five Rivers with different colors

We have seen 5 different colors of water in Rivers and Lakes throughout the Trip from Grey, Brown, Blue, Sky blue and Green.

If you liked my blog then you may like blog to Naran Valley as well.

Did you find some great Tips and useful information in this Blog? Please do write us If  you have visited Hunza Valley or Kaghan Naran Valley before, if so how was your Journey and what was your favourite Spot?

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Jawad Abid is multi-talented Business, Technology and Customer Service Professional with two decades of Experience with Large Telecoms, Banks & Outsource Service Providers, Startups and Fortune 500 companies in multiple Roles. He’s passionate about Gaining Knowledge on Technologies, How Technologies enable Businesses & Improve Lives, and Sharing Knowledge in the attempt of giving back to Community.

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