Jawad Abid is a seasoned technologist with deep expertise spanning Information Technology, Business Management, and Customer Experience, making him adept at harmonizing business objectives with technological advancements.

He offers invaluable insights to professionals and enterprises of all scales, guiding them to elevate productivity and refine strategies through fostering innovation and creativity.

Jawad’s extensive career in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is underscored by significant contributions across diverse global contexts.

Currently serving as Vice President, IT at a prominent multinational enterprise, Jawad oversees operations supporting 30,000 users globally. His comprehensive understanding of business imperatives, coupled with strong IT acumen, enables him to deliver unique value to his organization.

As a senior leader, Jawad provides strategic guidance in developing Technology Roadmaps to establish robust Service Level Standards and enhance overall Service Delivery.

His distinguished career includes over 18 years of collaboration with Fortune 100 companies, demonstrating his consistent delivery of strategic solutions and insights.