Jawad Abid is Technologist by profession and currently working as Senior Director – Global Voice, Networks and Telecoms.

He writes to share his experiences as an excuse to share knowledge which he gained over the last two decades professionally across the globe.

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Favorite Qoute

Never Regret a day in your life, Good days give you Happiness,

Bad days give you Experience, Worst days give Lessons,

And best days give you memories.


There can be more than one Passion in your lives. You cannot achieve all either, but you would not want
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Dedication is like Climbing a mountain with all your Skill, Hard work and Persistence. When you reach to Peak after
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“Dedication Adds to your Positivity towards your Goal to Success.” This is the Quote from the blog No Dedication No
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Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, it’s quite common for people who work hard and are dedicated people,
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Dedication is like Climbing Mountain with Skill and Hard Work. Image Credits: Pixabay Quite often dedication is taken as mere
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“In life, You are always given two choices or options to pick from. One will lead you to Negative aspect
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