Jawad Abid is Technologist by profession and currently working as Senior Director – Global Voice, Networks and Telecoms.

He writes to share his experiences as an excuse to share knowledge which he gained over the last two decades professionally across the globe.

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Favorite Qoute

Never Regret a day in your life, Good days give you Happiness,

Bad days give you Experience, Worst days give Lessons,

And best days give you memories.


“Empathy is often taken for granted, Yet it’s Most Powerful. Be empathetic, to the ones around you to make this
“Expecting a dish to be ready without putting ingredients at all, is like Expecting Success without Reading and Action.“– Jawad
“In order to Succeed, You must surround yourself with Positive, Wise and Motivating people.” – Jawad Abid Surround yourself with
“Whenever you feel frustrated in life or feel down, Take a walk to come out Strong as ever.” – Jawad
“Be the reason to share Positivity and Calmness in Community,  Instead of spreading Hatred and Panic.” Jawad Abid Be the
Motivational Quotes Jawadabid.com Below are top five motivational quotes by Jawad Abid, who’s Passionate about Improving lives with spreading Positivity