Jawad Abid is Technologist by profession and currently working as VP – IT.

He writes to share his experiences as an excuse to share knowledge which he gained over the last two decades professionally across the globe.

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Favorite Qoute

Never Regret a day in your life, Good days give you Happiness,

Bad days give you Experience, Worst days give Lessons,

And best days give you memories.


Don’t let Yourself distract from your Targets, by Engaging yourself,With people that Don’t matter,And With things that Don’t matter. Don’t
Be Grateful to Yourself, so you can Be for others.Take Care of Yourself, so you can Take Care of others.
Never change your Goal or Target due to failure. Every successful person Has Failed in their lives, to get to
Always Take initiatives for the Positive ideas.There’s Always some Initiative behind Every Great Invention. Always take positive initiatives Thanks for
Sometimes you have to keep moving in the Right Direction with Persistence and Patience to get to Your Goals without
Kindness cleanses your Soul and Adds Peacefulness in you. Kindness brings Peace Thanks for reading. Please share anything useful with