Jawad Abid is Technologist by profession and currently working as VP – IT.

He writes to share his experiences as an excuse to share knowledge which he gained over the last two decades professionally across the globe.

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Favorite Qoute

Never Regret a day in your life, Good days give you Happiness,

Bad days give you Experience, Worst days give Lessons,

And best days give you memories.


Unity brings Ultimate Power, and Together with Dedication achieves Greatness. Unity with dedication achieves Greatness Thanks for reading. Please share
Whenever you Doubt on Yourself, Remember, You Can do it and You Will do it. You can and You will
You Excel in Life or Can become Successful, if you Smartly use your free time. Smartly use your free time
Sometimes people around you would Not Understand Your Actions.They don’t need to, as it’s Not Their Journey. Thanks for reading.
Taking Right Decisions for yourself is the most Important step, and Hardest to make in Life.Learn to make Courageous Decisions
If your Life is going through tough times, remember there’s always Peace after every High tide.Learn to find Peace even