Top 5 Motivational Quotes

Top Motivational Quotes
Motivational Quotes

Below are top five motivational quotes by Jawad Abid, who’s Passionate about Improving lives with spreading Positivity and Motivation.

Follow your passion Quote from
Follow your passion Quote

There can be more than one Passion in your lives.
You cannot achieve all either, but you would not want to Regret at the end of your career, by not following either one.
Knowing that you could do one thing, you were so Passionate about
.” – Jawad Abid

Motivation Quote
Never Give UP quote by Jawad Abid

That Struggle and Difficulty You are in today, are Painful and Unbearable. But, they are Developing the Strength You need, and Supremacy for Tomorrow.” – Jawad Abid

Keep Moving Ahead Quote

Sometimes You have to Keep Moving in the Right Direction with Persistence and Patience to get to Your Goal without Quitting or Changing Your Path.” -Jawad Abid

Positive Mind Successful Life Quote

When you fill your mind with positive and good thoughts, you start becoming successful in Life, as your mind starts becoming more powerful too.” -Jawad Abid

Never Give Up and Trust your struggle
Never Give Up and Trust your struggle Quote

It’s Okay to Struggle and Feel Pain Today. But it’s Never Okay to Give Up on Yourself or your Dreams.
You must Always Trust your struggle that will definitely reward you to New Heights, if Not today, then Tomorrow!”
– Jawad Abid

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