How Intelligent Routing can Reduce Cost

There are many factors on how to improve Customer service and Employee experience but one factor that’s not getting considered the most yet is the Last minute Routing factor. Even in our daily lives, if you get something out of the blue at the eleventh hour, it’s considered as not the best way to handle it.

In enterprises or contact centers, where per resource has to deal with about more than 100 or more calls in one shift or 50+ support tickets, you have to ensure that they are not given calls or tasks when they are about to leave the shift or going to their scheduled breaks. For a minute, Imagine case where you’re sending call or interaction or Task to your agent or employee right 30 seconds before scheduled logout time or scheduled break. That customer is likely not get great or satisfied customer service as employee would be in a hurry state at the back of mind to wrap it up as soon as possible, whereas the focus should be for first call resolution, Accurate resolution, quick turn-around, up-selling and to go either extra mile to maintain great Customer Experience.

To ensure you’re sending calls or interaction or tasks with consideration of employee schedule, you need an intelligent Routing Engine that has strong integration between Automatic call distributor (ACD) and Workforce Management Platform.
The key here is that your call center or contact center Routing solution should optimize best resource available with consideration of resource schedules which are created based on forecast.

With such insights, your routing engine will automatically adjust routing calls or interaction to employee who just came on shift as opposed to sending it to someone about to leave with customized thresholds based on service level or key performance indicator.

Insights into workforce schedules gives routing engine to intelligently distribute workload through customized business objectives to your needs.

That way you will have employee leaving on time and be replaced with next resource efficiently. At the same time it avoids cost of unnecessary adjustments on overtime and employee retention.

Complex schedules and last minute changes impacts Employee engagement which is critical element for seamless customer experience.

As an example, you can set a routing rule that do not send calls, if the agent is about to leave shift in less than 60 seconds, as your AHT or Average talk time is around 5 minutes.

The same can be applied for scheduled breaks or scheduled huddles or meetings.

This can also vary from the nature of line of business you’re currently working on. For sure, Sales team may have different targets and Average handle times (AHT) to meet as opposed to Technical Support.

For more details, write me your suggestions or feedback whether this makes sense to Improve customer experience and employee experience.

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