Fantastic Four to Improve Customer Satisfaction

In today’s world, Business Process Outsourcing industry is flourishing with support from many large organizations focused on lowering Operating Cost. In many cases, Customer satisfaction becomes tough to sustain if they do not comply with Fantastic Four.

Right resource, with Right information, at Right time, using Right solutions.

Every organizations must focus on Fantastic Four which can be their driving force in the Customer Service Industry.

Keeping in view, most BPO Organizations, if not 80%, 60% of them are relying on Ineligible cheap labor, immature Open source solutions, Poorly designed Infrastructure and Poor attrition rate due to dissatisfaction of employees, are highly unlikely going to Improve Businesses.

Right Resources are the ones who are vastly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced. Without them, indisputably organizations find it tough to keep customer satisfaction and service levels well under control. Without right and skilled resources, first call resolution ratio becomes very low even in simple queries. Organizations must focus on retaining experienced resources with benefits for a long term as they become real asset for the success.

Empowering resources with Right Information during customer interaction through personalized interaction definitely adds value to pleasant customer experience. Unavailability of complete information or finding it through manual processes, undue hold times and delay in providing right answer gives a significant blow to your customer service. Knowing customer during the call and having history of previous calls or tickets help resource position organization much better.

Right Time is when resource is able to give answers instantly and accurately. As soon as customer satisfaction is achieved, it allows resources to up-sell or cross-sell. Without having customer satisfaction or having unhappy customer, it becomes difficult to increase customer loyalty or customer retention. Organizations must focus on information to be available instantly right from the moment you hear customer through the right set of processes and tools.

Right Solutions means to have proven world-class, creative, robust and innovative solutions in place. It becomes difficult for organizations to improve customer satisfaction, improve first interaction resolution and able to make more sales, without right solutions. Market leaders with proven technologies understand what features are needed through their market research from over decades. Without the right features it becomes hard for customer service teams to utilize them effectively. One of the big examples is with integrated Computer telephony interfaces and self-service which cut overhead costs compared to traditional PBX/hardware based platforms by miles.

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