No Dedication No Success

Dedication is like Climbing Mountain with Skill and Hard Work. Image Credits: Pixabay

Quite often dedication is taken as mere extra Amount of work, and longer time spent which is not the accurate understanding.

It is Commitment or Assurance to extreme extent to Task or Job at workplace with All that you have. Whether through your skills, discipline at work, flexibility, Hard work and taking head-on to challenges.

In whatever we do, reality is that Obstacles do come, and setbacks happen. However, if you have Dedication towards your Job, you will not lose hope. Neither, you will disappoint easily. You will pick yourself up and keep at it with your dedication.

“Dedication adds to your Positivity towards your Goal to Success”.

Positive Mind – Successful Life

Consistent Dedication is one of the Major contributors towards having Successful life along with others. It is second most factor after Passion which I wrote in my blog Why your passion matters the most

This is an important trait to characterize in the workplace in particular.

How to achieve dedication at workplace

Dedication is not just quantity of work without any goals or objectives or planning.

How I achieve dedication is to constantly Learn based on below ideas and discipline, every time I am given a difficult task. However, it does vary from case to case, but it covers most of the ideas.

  • Firstly, you will require is to analyze yourself on what is your best and weakest skill.
  • Secondly, you must Define your goals to achieve.
  • Third, you try to improve those skills which are needed to achieve your Goals.
  • In addition, you must add Discipline in your work attitude.
  • Further, Add Flexibility in your work ethics, even at home or at public places.
  • Additionally, Always Accept Challenges for difficult and complicated tasks.
  • Never leave Tasks Un-due or Incomplete, even if your manager or superior doesn’t ask for it.
  • Above all, remain focused on goals, as there could be many distractions at work.
  • Never let yourself be part of any Gossip, as you could utilize that time to enhance your skills.
Dedication bring Discipline - Quote
Dedication bring Discipline – Quote

Why dedication is important

Dedication plays a very important role for great achievements. For instance, climbing a mountain or hiking at a difficult trek is perfect example.
Above all, at the end of achievement, that feeling of being successful is unmatched and inexpressible.

  • Dedication allow you to become dependable among many around you.
  • You can be given all the important tasks which helps improve your importance at workplace.
  • Your flexibility allows the organization to evolve with best in the business and become competitive.
  • Promotions are given to those who achieve their goals in the most challenging times.
  • It allows you to outshine in many team members in the team hired for the same job.
  • Employers or Managers always require dedication in their team.

Real Life Example on Dedication

I was assigned most complicated project to lead and I had lack of certain skills. However, I learned those skills during my after hours and in the meantime, kept attempting to gain more knowledge. I compared project plans, documentation and designs for past similar projects. Subsequently, it came up with challenges and difficult times, but I didn’t let it go.

I struggled, picked myself up and kept moving on until I achieved my Goal. Above all, I was tested with patience and distractions, which I didn’t let them change my Goal.

I didn’t care about how much time it is taking me to learn and enhance my skillset by challenging myself.

Similarly, during implementation phase of the project, we didn’t care how long it will take us to finish it. In addition, the project was to execute in same day starting from mid-night. I stayed there for about straight 22 hours. However, we were able to finish our implementation flawlessly.

Dedication is like Climbing a mountain with all your Skill, Hard work and Persistence. When you reach to Peak after all the obstacles. That feeling of achievement tells, how your dedication help reach your goal.

Jawad Abid

Conclusion / Career Advice

In conclusion, my advice is to remain dedicated to every fellow professional. Be it fresh graduates or Beginners in their career, you must consider dedication to your profession. In whatever you do, have passion and dedication in it. Bear in mind that without having dedication, you will not be able to succeed. All these leaders you follow out there, has gone through initial struggle, hard-work and dedication in their lives to reach to a certain point.

Always remember that To put up dedication, you require to Sacrifice your time and energies. It does come down to whether you chose to make efforts or be distracted in casual activities.

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Jawad Abid is multi-talented Business, Technology and Customer Service Professional, with two decades of Experience. He worked with Large Telecoms, Banks & Outsource Service Providers, Startups and Fortune 500 companies in multiple Roles. He’s passionate about Gaining Knowledge on Technologies, How Technologies enable Businesses & Improve Lives, and Sharing Knowledge in the attempt of giving back to Community.

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Trip to Hidden Paradise – Hunza Valley via Naran

Pakistan is a naturally rich Country in South Asia, with all types of seasons available, with many Beautiful and Stunning Paradises. This time around I managed to visit this hidden Paradise at Hunza Valley, in Gilgit Baltistan. It’s a Province of Pakistan and along the way I explored mesmerising paradises. Those include Kaghan Valley, Naran Valley, Saiful Malouk Lake, Lulusar Lake, BabuSar Top, Hunza Valley, Gilgit, Passu Cones, Borith Lake, Nagar Valley, Karimabad and Atabad Lake.

We divided our long journey trip into two trips due to long distance from Lahore to Hunza. It is about 943 km or 585 miles and straight 18 hours travel time by road.

First trip was to get to Naran and stay there for two nights. Second trip was to move on towards Hunza Valley from there and return.

I did some planning effort before going to trip which is very essential. However many people will claim to chill and not worry about it. But it’s important to Plan and be prepared for any unforeseen issues. This is to ensure you gain maximum out of this lovely time, especially if you’re traveling with families.

My Travel checklist:

+ Validated all the forecasts from online weather forecast of all destinations.
+ Kept warmer clothes with us due to weather forecast.
+ Checked nearby hotels and their locations to shortlist them.
+ Reserved our nights already at our hotels.
+ Made a list of items, I packed with me to know what I’m bringing and what I missed.
+ Got my car tyres checked which I had to upgrade, so I did.
+ Got done regular maintenance on my car to ensure there aren’t anything that left unchecked.
+ Bought some snacks and drinks already locally with some preserved food items.
+ Brought extra shopping bags with us so I could put trash in them.

Please note that wherever you go, you must keep your trash bags with you. Therefore you could throw trash in them, instead of ruining the beauty of that place. We have seen trash/used wrappers/bags at the banks of lakes, resorts and Mountain treks. They are heart breaking and frustrating, at how people have misused the God gifted paradise.

Our Trip started on the early morning at 01:00 am on 22nd June, 2018. We had clear skies from Lahore, Punjab by road.

Kalar Kahar / Salt Range

We started our journey through lush green M2 Motorway, all the way through beautiful Kalar Kahar and Salt Range mountains. I must share that Khewra Salt mines are second largest Salt Reservoirs in the whole world.

After crossing Kalar Kahar, Islamabad was just 2 hours away. We took our break at M2 – Service Area at Kalar Kahar.

After that, we kept driving straight towards Peshawar via M2 Motorway to M1 Motorway.

E35 Expressway / M15 Motorway

Around Hassan Abdal area, after crossing Burhan interchange, we took left Exit towards E35 Hazara expressway. E35 Expressway is also known as M15 Motorway, or CPEC Motorway. It is 180 km controlled-access between Punjab & KPK.

At Shah Maqsood Interchange, we took turn towards N-35 National Highway at around 7 am in the morning.

This highway led us towards beautiful Abbottabad and Mansehra cities. It’s important to mention that N-35 goes through the Abbottabad city. Therefore, you should try to go through the Main city before 8 am in the morning. Peak hours in city are from 10am to 4pm or 4pm to 7pm.

There’s another and more recommended route recently added on Express Highaway. It takes you straight till Mansehra instead of going through Abbottabad city.

Before entering Mansehra city, there’s Zeeb Town from where you’ll take right turn towards Balakot on N15. After that, there’s another alternate route as well which passes through Mansehra City. But we took this N15 Highway route to avoid City traffic.

When you cross initial patch of the N15 route, there’d be slightly rough patch in start for about 5 minutes. After that, the road is in Good condition towards Balakot.

Mansehra City

On the way to Balakot, you’ll witness Mansehra city on your left spread out all across and mountain on your right. It is the capital of Mansehra District in KPK Province.

Mansehra City by

After driving round and round of about 30 minutes’ drive, you’ll reach to Balakot. Please remember you can get motion sickness in those rounds of Mansehra.


Once you reach Balakot, you will see the first glimpse of Beautiful Kunhar river. You will absolutely want to stop your car for that breathtaking view with mountains at the back.

Balakot view by

We stopped our car for Quick breakfast at the hotel, near bank of Kunhar river, at around 8:15 am. There are several resorts and restaurants you can pick from based on your preferences. Similarly, they will serve you breakfast at the bank of Kunhar River which makes the breakfast experience even better.

Kunhar River by

From there onwards, we crossed Balakot which is located at the bank of Kunhar River.

Kaghan and Naran Valley

After crossing Balakot, you’ll reach to another paradise called Kaghan Valley, which is 155 kilometers long valley. It is at an elevation of 2,134 feet to its highest point to the Babusar Pass, at 13,690 feet.
It was perfect timings in the morning with sun behind green mountains and Kunhar River passing by the valley.

After that, we traveled for an hour or so, and reached Kiwai. From this point, you can take tour towards Beautiful Shogran and Siri Payee. There would be Lot of Special Jeeps available to take you for the ride.

We continued to move as our base camp was in Naran, as we moved forward. On the way, we reached Kaghan town. We took the couple of lush green beautiful mountain pictures with a quick stop for ten minutes.

Kaghan Valley by

After that, we moved further for an hour, we reached Naran town around 11 am. We were not surprised at how Naran town was built past few years. It has been commercialized a lot, with lots of Hotels and Restaurants on the sideways. We crossed the congested strip of Hotels at Naran and took right on Saiful Malouk Road towards our Hotel.

Saif ul Malook Lake

The next morning, we took a Jeep ride towards Most beautiful and Amazing Saiful Malouk lake.

Saiful Malouk Lake is located at an elevation of 3,224 m (10,578 feet) above sea level, with a last known depth of 50 ft.

You could see highest peak in the area at the back of this lake called Malika Parbat which is 5,290 metres (17,356 ft) high.

My view of Saiful Malouk by

After coming back from Saiful Malouk Lake, we took a quick rest and went towards the Rafting point at Kunhar River, located on Karakoram Highway N15 towards Lulusar Lake.

Saif ul Malouk and Malka Parbat View at

Kunhar River Rafting

We went back from Saiful Malouk Road towards Naran (Town) and took right towards Babusar Top. The spot for Rafting was only 15-25 minutes’ drive on N15 Highway.

Tip: Before you go for Rafting, make sure you have dry shorts/bathing suit, sandals with straps, and wet suit boots. During Rafting they will get your signature for disclaimer. Give you all precautionary instructions and provide life jackets too.

We loved every bit of Rafting adventure with our cousins. We wanted to do it again, but it was already sunset so we had to mark that for next time.

After that, we had to check out Lulusar Lake and Babusar Top, also known as Babusar Pass. It is located at elevation of 4,173 metres or 13,691 feet. They both are on same N15 Highway going towards BabuSar Pass.

LuluSar Lake

The next morning, we left at 6:00 am sharp towards BabuSar Pass. We planned to reach to Hunza Valley before sunset. We stopped by at Lulusar Lake and Babusar Top on the way, hence started early to have enough time.

Tip: Please note that there are lot of Open Fuel / Gas shops, which are selling at their own rates. In case you get stuck, you still have a chance to buy extra gas or fuel from them. I don’t recommend to buy from them.

As you go on N15 highway towards Babusar Pass, you’ll witness lot of breathtaking sceneries with Kunhar river flowing with you. In addition, you’ll also see herds of mountain goats passing by too.

After an hour and 30 minutes on N15 highway, we reached to magnificent Lulusar Lake. In addition, it is located at 3,410 m (11,190 ft.), is the primary headwaters off the Kunhar River. It flows southwest through the entire length of Kaghan Valley passing Jalkhand, Naran, Kaghan, Jared, Paras and Balakot until its confluence with the Jhelum River. Lulusar lake is located about 48 kilometres (30 mi) away from Naran. It is accessible by any kind of vehicle.

Lulusar Lake by JawadAbid.coml,

We could see reflection of Sky and mountains on the mesmerizing lake. We took a couple of pictures there while we stopped there for fifteen to twenty minutes.

BabuSar Top / BabuSar Pass

From Lulusar Lake, it took us about 45 minutes to 1 hour, to reach at BabuSar Top. It got colder as we passed through BabuSar Top. However, if temperature decreases enough, you could see snow fall there too quite often. As soon as we reached to BabuSar Top, we could see all the peaks top from there.

We stopped at BabuSar Top for few pictures and some snacks. There’re some tuck shops and temporary restaurants to entertain you with food. For instance, you could order tea and pakoras there.

Babusar Top is located at an elevation of 4,173 meters or 13691 feet along the Kaghan Valley. It connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Gilgit Baltistan province of Pakistan. In addition, it’s the highest peak that is accessible through cars and jeeps.

This range of mountains flanks the right bank of the Kunhar, contains a peak Malika Parbat. It is at over 17,000 feet, the highest in the district.

From this point onwards, Chillas is 40 Km and Gilgit is 180 Km away. Khunjrab is 384 km, Kashghar is 802 Km, Tashkent is 1866 Km and Beijing is 5252 Km.

We left immediately as we had to reach to Hunza Valley before sunset and had a planned lunch at Chilas.

Tip: If you run into flat tyre, there’s a small tyre shop. It is next to BabuSar Top towards Chilas 5-10 minutes ahead.
There’s a very steep drive from Babusar Top towards Chilas
. Therefore, you must drive your car slow in lower gears. You must Take continuous breaks after every 15 to 20 minutes to cool down breaks and tyres.

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Jawad Abid is multi-talented Business, Technology and Customer Service Professional with two decades of Experience with Large Telecoms, Banks & Outsource Service Providers, Startups and Fortune 500 companies in multiple Roles. He’s passionate about Gaining Knowledge on Technologies, How Technologies enable Businesses & Improve Lives, Traveler and Sharing Knowledge in the attempt of giving back to Community.

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Fantastic Four to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Blog on Fantastic Four to Improve Customer Satisfaction - Blog by

Improving customer satisfaction is crucial for any organization in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. With the goal of lowering operating costs, many large organizations have turned to outsourcing, but this can pose a challenge when it comes to maintaining customer satisfaction. To overcome this challenge, organizations must focus on what we call the “Fantastic Four”: the right resource, with the right information, at the right time, using the right solutions.

Right resource, with Right information, at Right time, using Right solutions.

Right Resources

One of the key factors in ensuring customer satisfaction is having the right resources in place. In many BPO organizations, there is a tendency to hire cheap labor, which often results in inexperienced and unskilled employees. This can lead to a low first call resolution ratio and overall dissatisfaction among customers. To address this issue, organizations should focus on retaining experienced resources by providing them with benefits and improving their overall employee experience. By doing so, these resources become invaluable assets for the success of the organization.

Right Information

Providing the right information to resources during customer interactions is another important aspect of enhancing customer satisfaction. Empowering resources with the right information allows them to provide personalized interactions that add value to the customer experience. On the other hand, the unavailability of complete information or reliance on manual processes can result in unnecessary hold times and delays in providing the right answer to customers. This can significantly impact the level of customer service provided by the organization. Having access to customer information and history of previous interactions or tickets allows resources to better understand the customer’s needs and position the organization accordingly.

Right Time 

The right time is when resources are able to provide answers instantly and accurately. Achieving customer satisfaction at the first interaction enables resources to upsell or cross-sell, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and retention. Without customer satisfaction, it becomes challenging to improve sales and retain customers. Organizations must ensure that information is available instantly from the moment the customer reaches out, and this can be achieved through the implementation of the right set of processes and tools.

Right Solutions 

Lastly, having the right solutions in place is essential for improving customer satisfaction. World-class, creative, robust, and innovative solutions are necessary for organizations to meet their customer service goals. Market leaders with proven technologies understand the features that are required through their extensive market research. Without the right features, customer service teams struggle to effectively utilize the tools and platforms available to them. For example, integrated computer telephony interfaces and self-service options can significantly cut overhead costs compared to traditional PBX or hardware-based platforms.

In conclusion, focusing on the Fantastic Four – the right resource, with the right information, at the right time, using the right solutions – is crucial for organizations in the BPO industry to improve customer satisfaction. By investing in skilled and experienced resources, empowering them with the right information, ensuring timely responses, and implementing proven solutions, organizations can provide exceptional customer service and drive business success.

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Jawad Abid, is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in the fields of business, technology, and customer service. Throughout his career, he has worked with major telecoms, banks, outsource service providers, startups, and Fortune 500 companies in various capacities. Jawad is deeply passionate about acquiring knowledge on new technologies, understanding how they enhance businesses and improve lives, and sharing his knowledge with the community as a way of giving back.

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