Why your Passion Matters The Most

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Many in life wants to be successful but ends up without inner peace and happiness. There are couple of elements that one must ensure, in order to be successful or outshine in your career.

Why Passion Matters the Most

I am going to talk about why Passion Matters the most in Success Life. One of those contributing factors is “Passion”.

“Having a passion on what you do or want to do is very important to be successful in life.”

I knew about my passion when I first learned about Computers in high school. I knew this is what I’d like to do. In quest of knowing it more, I learned about it in my free times. If in your current career you dislike what you are doing, then you need to do what you wanted to do first.

If you really like Computer programming and you are working in Real estate as Sales. Then it’s likely that you’d Not be able to Outshine in Sales or real estate. As much as you could being a Computer programmer.

How to find your passion

It is by knowing yourself, and what you wanted to do.

If you are uncertain of your passion, try to learn about them. To see if you really want to do it and you really feel great in doing it. Sometimes you want to do something, you hesitate. Neither you know enough about it. When you try and learn them, then you realize that this is really great.

It’s extremely important for you to research about things you like to do. Even when any opportunity knocks your door, then try learning about them first. If you like what you are doing or being asked to do, then that’s what matters.

There can be more than one passion in your life. You cannot achieve all of those, but you’d not want to end your career with regret. Knowing that you could do one thing, you were so passionate about.

What happens without passion

You often complain about your day or work or certain business you are in. Bad days can happen to anyone but if it happens almost every other day. It may happen every week or month. Chances are its most probably due to lack of passion on what you are doing.

Thoughts that usually come into mind are that Why I don’t get the 100% results. Why others get promotion and Why I’m not getting to my dream spot at work. This frustration further distracts you from doing what you really want to do. Instead of spending time learning skills to outshine your career, you end up wasting your time in frustrations.

There’s a known case in which one gets good job offer during their career. Which may offer more Salary and Benefits than what they are taking right now, but in different field. It could be far from their Interest or Liking. In your new role, you will probably like doing work initially. But may end up regretting since you didn’t like it wholeheartedly.

“Your passion has to be there in what you do.”

At that time, right step is to Stick to your current job, considering this is what you are passionate about, instead of changing or switching fields for one-time opportunity for money. If you accept that offer, what you will lose in this case, is your Career path. I know many people who didn’t leave their current Job because the offer wasn’t about the job they would want to do.

What happens when you are working with passion

At work, even your managers notice you on many Qualities such as:

  • How Determined this person is at work.
  • This person always volunteers up for Challenges.
  • How Open is to the change.
  • How Well is at Proactive communication
  • He is always Creative.

All these qualities, and many more, are from a person who’s passionate about their work.

Quotes about Passion

“Passion makes you work on yourself and your work can be seen by others.”

I didn’t know about my passion until I Learned about computers in my high school, which started from learning Course on Windows 3.1, Turbo basic, Lotus 123 and DOS, in nineties, which allowed me to follow my Passion and now this has taken me to where I wanted myself to be.

“There’s always a difference of productivity between a person with passion, compared to the person working without the passion.”

If your current job is without a passion, then more chances are that you may not succeed in the same field.

 “Passion is an inner force that automatically enables you to use your attention, skill and hard work exceptionally as compared to ordinary efforts.”

You can check my Quote about Passion is an Inner Force by clicking here.

If you think Passion is necessary from scale 1 to 5 (1 being the topmost requirement and 5 being bottom) for successful life, then please share your feedback.

Further if my thoughts resonate with yours, then please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

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Jawad Abid is multi-talented Business, Technology and Customer Service Professional with two decades of Experience with Large Telecoms, Banks & Outsource Service Providers, Startups and Fortune 500 companies in multiple Roles. He’s passionate about Gaining Knowledge on Technologies, How Technologies enable Businesses & Improve Lives, and Sharing Knowledge in the attempt of giving back to Community.

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What makes this quote Inspirational?

In recent talk on Inspirational Leaders journey at IBEX, I shared my favourite inspirational quote which has helped me take leaps in my journey. I’d like to mention why over the years, it has become my favourite one.

First of all, it’s such a Complete quote that it provides you guidance for every life experience you go through on daily basis.

Never Regret A Day in your Life
Good Days give you Happiness
Bad Days give you Experience
Worst Days give you Lessons
And Best days give you Memories

Never Regret a day in your life, which means that do not take any day for granted. It always have something for you which you need to know what that is.

Good days give you Happiness, If that day was Good, then it will give you happiness, fun and joy.

Bad days give you Experience, which means with bad day, you get to know how one feels to be in that experience, so you get a chance to build your perspective for better judgement.

Worst days give you Lessons, means that having worst experience means you’re definitely going to try and not repeat the same. Hence it always let you think through how you can avoid it in future, and what can you do to improve it.

And best days give you memories. which means we should build memories only on best days to stay positive in our lives. If we feed negativity in our memories, we’ll often come up with negative responses, even to positives. Best to keep them in your memory for positive perspectives about life.

Hence, always be thankful for what you have. This is what I take as positive thought about this, that no matter what day you have, be thankful to what you have.

Always Be Thankful

Always be Thankful, whenever you feel frustrated with your life!

+ If you have A Job, think about intelligent Jobless people

+ If you have money, think about poor people.

+ If you have Water, think about people in water deprived countries.

+ If you have freedom, think about occupied countries.

+ If you have education, think about people who cannot afford studies.

+ If you have House, think about homeless people.

+ If you have parents, think about who lose their parents.

+ If you have a child, think about who cannot have child at all.

+ If you are healthy, then think about disordered people.

+ If you can walk, think about people who do not have legs.

Therefore, Always be acceptable for whatever you have and are in life.”

Author: Jawad Abid

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