Life does depend on What you Pick

“In life, You are always given two choices or options to pick from.

One will lead you to Negative aspect of the topic, with more drama and attention.

The other will lead you to Positive aspect of it, which will be a difficult path, and with test of your patience.

However, Life does come down to What You Pick!”

Life does depend on What you Pick Quote

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Always Be Thankful

Always be Thankful, whenever you feel frustrated with your life!

+ If you have A Job, think about intelligent Jobless people

+ If you have money, think about poor people.

+ If you have Water, think about people in water deprived countries.

+ If you have freedom, think about occupied countries.

+ If you have education, think about people who cannot afford studies.

+ If you have House, think about homeless people.

+ If you have parents, think about who lose their parents.

+ If you have a child, think about who cannot have child at all.

+ If you are healthy, then think about disordered people.

+ If you can walk, think about people who do not have legs.

Therefore, Always be acceptable for whatever you have and are in life.”

Author: Jawad Abid

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