Jawad Abid is Technologist by profession and currently working as Senior Director – Global Voice, Networks and Telecoms.

He writes to share his experiences as an excuse to share knowledge which he gained over the last two decades professionally across the globe.

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Favorite Qoute

Never Regret a day in your life, Good days give you Happiness,

Bad days give you Experience, Worst days give Lessons,

And best days give you memories.


Always be Thankful, whenever you feel frustrated with your life! + If you have A Job, think about intelligent Jobless
Always surround yourself with Positive people and Your mind with Positive Thoughts. It helps achieve Goals and Productivity in both
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How intelligent routing can reduce cost – Group Discussion In my previous article Fantastic Four to Improve Customer Satisfaction, I
Top five mistakes in Capacity Planning by JawadAbid.com Capacity planning in Information and Communication Technology is the process of calculating
It’s Okay to Struggle and Feel Pain Today. But it’s Never Okay to Give Up on Yourself or your Dreams.
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